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As a nonprofit organization, OrrViews depends on the community to provide news stories for the paper.  We appreciate having stories submitted fully written.


If you’ve never written a news story, here are some guidelines you can use to overcome writer’s block.


News stories should be written as an upside down triangle. This means the most information, or widest part of the triangle, is in the top of the story. That way, if a story has to be edited for space, the most important information is still included.


Be sure to cover the Who, What, When, Where and Why questions as you think about what you are submitting. Sometimes “why” and “how” aren’t as important to the story so it’s okay not to cover those.


Have fun with it and don’t worry if you aren’t a professional writer. If you have questions, please contact the OrrViews General Manager at 330-684-1115.

This could be an individual’s name or the name of an organization. If you are including someone’s title, it is capitalized only if is in front of a person’s name. For example, “University President Frank Smith went to the dedication,” or “Frank Smith, university president, went to the dedication.”

You don’t need to include the year if it is the year we are currently in and don’t use ordinals. For example, dates are written as "Aug. 8" not "Aug. 8th."

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