Artist Reception

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather includes art work of local artists, Charlene A. Gross and Janice M. Gallager. 

Janice Gallager: I met Charlene five or six years ago; our friendship began immediately. Our connection is one of those rare and wonderful things that happens. We share the same interests and the same passion for making art. Charlene is supportive of my work, and at the same time, she gives me honest feedback and criticism. I am happy to be exhibiting my work with hers. 

As a mixed media artist, I gather scraps and pieces much the same as a bird gathers pieces for a nest. Sometimes I have to live with the pieces until inspiration strikes. So it was with the Birds of a Feather Houses, the houses were all that remained from the top of an old garden bench. I used the houses as the foundation for the birds that perch on on top of the other, much like the Bremen Town musicians (on of my favorite childhood stories).

In similar fashion I created the Gamebirds. The foundation for these birds is a wooden coaster. I used game pieces I'd collected to create the Red Winged Backgammon Bird, the Great Horned Poker Owl, the Tufted Monopoly Bird, and the Yellow Pigeon. 

I have been creating owls from candy tins, tea tins, and candle tins for almost a year. I use bits and pieces of jewelry, kitchen utensils, and various things that find their way to me. 

I studied art at Kent State University planning to teach high school art. Instead, I taught Reading and Language Arts. In my classes, students created art as a prewriting activity. They wrote poetry, stories, and essays based on the art instead of using art as an afterthought to the writing. I have exhibited with WAGE for the past twenty years. In addition, I have exhibited my work at the College of Wooster, Gallery in the Vault, Don Drumm Studio, and Kindred Spirits Gallery. I have taught classes at the Wayne Center for the Arts, Heartland Point, Kindred Spirits Gallery and the Bead Cafe. 

Class Schedule: 
Thursday, January 29, 2015 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm