The Fun in Chemistry and Physics-canceled

This class has been canceled for questions please call 330-682-0200

No school? No problem! Bring the kids to Heartland Point for a fun day filled with science experiments. Children take a trip through several fields of chemistry and discover the factors that can change the rate of reaction. The class begins with a role-playing activity in which volunteers act out two different rates of reactions. This is followed by a hands-on demonstration of oxidation where the role of salt-as a catalyst-is observed. The instructor demonstrates quick-acting reactions such as precipitation and acid-base reactions, followed by a balloon-expanding experiments to test limiting reagents (factors). Children will explore a color-changing electrollysis demonstration that covers these cool chemical comcepts and the crazy chemistry of acids and bases in this fascinating program on PH scales. The pH Phactors hydrogen and hydroxide give a colorful introduction and the Phantastic pH test is applied to common household chemicals. Students are chellenged to bring a mystery liquid to a perfect pH balance. The Phestival ends with a sopper-popper reaction! Recommended for students in grades 1-5. Special discount-sign two kids up and receive $10 off your total.

MAD Science
Class Schedule: 
Friday, March 16, 2018 -
1:30pm to 4:30pm