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The Heartland Education Community, Inc. is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for all ages in Orrville and the surrounding areas. Classes range from one-time lectures to hands-on multiple sessions on a variety of topics such as, but certainly not limited to, health, drawing, geology, bridge playing, and holiday entertaining.

You can browse the calendar and click on a class for a more detailed description or you can print the entire schedule here.

If there is a class that you would like to take or teach, contact Brooke Smart at Heartland Point at 330-682-0200 or

Summer Flowers (in person/outdoors)

Seasonal Painting (in person/outdoors)

Introduction to Landscaping (in person/outdoors)

Seasonal Painting (in person/outdoors)

Budding Botanist (in person/outdoors)

Summer Canine Care - cancelled

Seasonal Painting (in person/outdoors)

Seasonal Painting (outdoor/in person)--Cancelled

Canning Basics (outdoor/ in person) - Canceled

All About Lavender (outdoor/ in person)-- Cancelled

Movement Matters (outdoor/in-person)

Jammin’ with Strawberries

Vitamin D and Safe Sun Exposure

Get to Know Rails-to-Trails of Wayne County

Orrville Moves Kick-Off

Macramé Rainbow - Cancelled

Spring Break Activity Kit - Lotus Fold Diary

Seasonal Painting (with brushes & easel)

Seasonal Painting (with brushes)

Seasonal Painting (basic kit)

Easter Flowers - Registration Closed

Seasonal Painting (with brushes and easel) - Cancelled

Seasonal Painting (with brushes & easel)

Cupcake Decorating (dozen) - Registration closed

Cupcake Decorating (half dozen) - Registration closed

Spring Break Activity Kit - Spool Diary

Book Club--Cancelled

Intro to Immunity: Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Defense System--Cancelled

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Vision Board Workshop

At-Home Chinese Food

Introduction to Investing

Seasonal Painting (with paint brushes) - Cancelled

Seasonal Painting (without paint brushes) - Cancelled

Seasonal Painting (with paint brushes)

Seasonal Painting (without paint brushes)

Seasonal Painting (with paint brushes)

Seasonal Painting (without paint brushes)

Christmas Flowers - Registration Closed

Take-and-Make Christmas Cookies - FULL

Thanksgiving Flowers--FULL

Canceled: Conquering Stress

Virtual Seasonal Painting - Registration Closed

Canceled: Tie-Dye Face Mask

Canceled: Intro to Immunity: Do’s and Don’ts for a Healthy Defense System

Vision Board Workshop - Canceled

Macramé Wall Hanging

Hand-Lettered Sign - Canceled

Canceled: Blood Drive

Heartland Point Anniversary Cookout

Women’s Self Defense

May the 4th be with You

Canceled: Easter Bunny Pictures

Canceled: Macramé Wall Hanging

Canceled: Stress Less, Live More

Canceled: Easter Flowers

Canceled: Seasonal Painting

Canceled - Seasonal Painting

How to Find a Quality Supplement: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Registration Closed - Valentine's Day Cookies

Registration Closed - Valentine's Day Flowers

FULL - Greeting Cards

Introduction to Faux Calligraphy

Christmas Centerpiece--FULL

Hand-Embroidered Snowflake Ornament

Holiday Lunch Performance

Intro to Calligraphy

Thanksgiving Flowers

Intro to Calligraphy

Conquering Cold and Flu Season

Introductory Electronics - Cancelled

Instant Pot - Soups & Stews

George Bixler Piano Performance

Ice Box Pickles - Cancelled

There's an Herb for That II

Fall Wreath Craft--Cancelled

Instant Pot Cooking--FULL

Summer Pies - Class is Full

Introductory Electronics

Mother and Child Yoga

Cookie Decorating-Full

Heartland Point Anniversary Cook Out

May the 4th be with You

Media Literacy Workshop - Cancelled

Women's Self Defense - FULL

Cookie Decorating--Full

Instant Pot, Cooking Magic - FULL

Mother and Child Yoga - Cancelled

Cheese Pairing with Shisler’s Cheese House

Seasonal Allergy Relief

Pictures with Easter Bunny

Shirley McCleskey Book Signing

Kids Painting - Canceled

New Year's Eve Donation Yoga

Saint Patrick’s Day Cookies--Full

Valentine's Day Flowers

Stress and Mood, What Can You Do?

Mind Full or Mindful Workshop--Canceled

Instant Pot, Cooking Magic--Full

WAGE Artist Reception

Kids Painting--Canceled

Financial Planning: Balance Sheets

Seasonal Painting - Full

Thanksgiving Flowers

Veteran's Day Appreciation

Financial Planning: Safety and Security

Seed Bead Weaving - canceled

Financial Planning: Retirement Goals

First Friday Cookout

Shirley Weyrauch Book Signing

Dazzling Headbands-canceled

There's an Herb for that

Back to School Cookout

Orrville Walks 5K Fun Run

The Axes that Built Wayne County

Father's Day Cookies-canceled

Seasonal Painting-April Tulips

Pictures with Easter Bunny

May the fourth be with you

Canceled-Patio Crafts

First Friday Patio Cook Out

FULL: Mother's Day Cupcakes

Spring into Hand Lettering-Full

Orrville Walks Fitness Motivation: Food and Mood

Seasonal Painting-rescheduled

Seasonal Painting-full

Fidget Spinner Creation

Valentine's Day Flowers

Women's Self Defense

The Fun in Chemistry and Physics-canceled

Super Bowl Party Tips and Tricks-Canceled

Valentine's Day Calligraphy

National Popcorn Day

Introduction to Yoga Workshop

Christmas Craft - Class is FULL

March Madness Sale! Seasonal Painting

Kids Painting - CANCELLED

Out of the Box Seasonal Painting

Holiday Centerpieces

Hand Lettering-One Seat Remaining

Thanksgiving Flowers

Halloween Make and Take

The Elegant Art of Quilling

Meet the Artist Reception

Orrville Walks 5K Fun Run

Canning Meat and Soups-Canceled

Seed Bead Weaving-Canceled

Solar Eclipse and Ice Cream

Basic Canning-canceled

Seasonal Painting Better Half Nite

Meet the Artist: Shirley

Pain Management Alternatives

DIY Cleaning Products-Cancelled

Benefits of Chocolate

Getting Crafty-Cancelled

Ohio's Precious Stones

Basic Sewing Skills-cancelled

May the 4th be with You

2 Tell My Story-Cancelled

Making Money with your Voice-Cancelled

Scrabble Tournament-cancelled

Pictures with the Easter Bunny

Seasonal Canvas Painting

Seasonal Canvas Painting-Rescheduled

Seasonal Canvas Painting

Seasonal Canvas Painting

Benefits of Eating Chocolate-Cancelled

Women's Self Defense

Bring a Friend, Learn Massage-Cancelled

Valentine's Day Flowers

Seed Bead Weaving-CANCELED

Seasonal Canvas Painting

Homemade Holiday Bags and Bows

Nature Series-Conservation of World's Birds

Making Money with Your Voice

Making Money with Your Voice

Thanksgiving Flowers

Seasonal Canvas Painting

Shipwrecked with MAD Science

Medicare 101 & Savings

Medicare 101 & Savings

Seasonal Painting with Kristin

Preserving Herbs & Making Herb Vinegars

Well Being Boot Camp-Cancelled

Seasonal Painting with Kristin Lorson

Freezing and Drying Food

Nature Series-Boom and Bust

Kids Painting with Kristin Lorson

Seasonal Painting with Kristin-FULL

Summer Flowers-rescheduled

Kids Art with Kristin

Nature Series-One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Biggest Loser Speaker

Meet the Artist: John Lorson

10th Anniversary Cook Out

Wilderness Center-Nature Series

Astronaut in Training

Medicare 101-Cancelled

Seasonal Painting with Kristin-Full

Susan Shaffer Mother's Day Performance

May the 4th Be With You

Mommy and Me Baking: Ombra Cakes-Full

Seasonal Painting with Kristin--FULL

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Back on Your Bike but were Afraid to Ask

Intro to Photography

Making Money with Your Voice-Cancelled

Shading and Contouring

Women's Self Defense

Wilderness Center: Birds Series

Wilderness Center-Nature Series

Easter Bunny Pictures

Silk Dye Easter Eggs

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?-Cancelled

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?-Cancelled

Introduction to Computer Security-Staying Safe Online CANCELLED

Orrville High School Band

March Madness Scrabble Tournament

Start Smart-Cancelled

"What Love Sees" Book Signing

Seasonal Canvas Painting-FULL

Valentine's Day Flowers-FULL

Orrville High School Band

Orrville High School Band

Meet the Art: Kristin Lorson

Spy University - FULL

For the Love of Baking-Full

Seasonal Painting with Kristin - Rescheduled

Christmas Centerpiece-Full

Cool Knights: Art to Go - Cancelled

Wreath Decorating - Cancelled

Thanksgiving Flowers-FULL

Low-Fat Thanksgiving Cooking Demo

The ABC's of Gluten-Free Cooking

No Tricks, Just Treats

Canning Meats, Stews, & Soups- NEW DATE

Kid's Day: Cooking Session FULL

Kid's Day: Science Session-FULL

Kid's Day: Art Session

Ohio's Unique Geology-Rescheduled

Pickling Pickles and Other Pickled Treats

Happy July 4th Holiday - Heartland Point Closed Today

Bottle Cap Snake-Full

Anniversary Fun Day Friday

Fun & Games with Dad - Cancelled

Mother's Day Concert

Mommy and Me Cookie Decorating

Sign Language for Kids: Second Session

Sign Language for Kids: First Session

Orrville Walks: Walking Thursdays

Cleaning the Historic Way - Cancelled

Women's Self Defense

Getting Paid to Talk; Making Money with Your Voice - Cancelled

Watercolor Painting II

Chat with Abraham Lincoln

850 Sundays of Fun - Cancelled

Gardening for Food Preservation

Pictures with the Easter Bunny

Vegetable Bouquet - Cancelled

Story Time Art - CANCELLED

Beginners Digital Photography

Story Time Art - CANCELLED

MAD Science Elementary School Session Three

MAD Science Elementary School Session Two - FULL

MAD Science Elementary School Session One - FULL

MAD Science Preschool Session Two-CANCELLED

MAD Science Preschool Session One-CANCELLED

Story Time Art - CANCELLED

The Great American Cereal Book, How Breakfast Got Its Crunch

Boots on the Ground - Cancelled

Story Time Art - CANCELLED

Story Time Art - CANCELLED

Intermediate Character Drawing

Christmas Traditions and Lore-CANCELLED

Pictures with Santa

Blood Pressure Screening

Billy Mitchell and the Birth of Modern Air Power - CANCELLED

Basic Food Preservation - Cancelled

I'm Cranky, is there an App for that?

Candle Centerpieces

Thanksgiving Flowers

Why Diabetes is a Family Affair

Mommy and Me Spooktacular Cupcakes- CLASS IS FULL AS OF 10/17

Mad Science Session Three - Full

Mad Science Session Two - Full

Mad Science Session One - Full

Sign Language for Kids: Second Session - CANCELLED

Sign Language for Kids: First Session - Cancelled

Investing 101 - CANCELLED

Heartland Point's 8th Anniversary

Blood Pressure Screening - Cancelled

Blood Pressure Screening

Blood Pressure Screening

Getting Paid to Talk; Making Money with Your Voice

Cheese, Cheese, Yummy Cheese, the Perfect Snack!

Carving Veggies - Rescheduled

Adult/Pediatric First Aid and AED -CANCELLED

Using What's in Your Kitchen

Vic Schantz and Friends

Orrville High School Jazz Band

Female Self-Protection Clinic

Fun with Fruit - Class Full!

Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA)

Community Health Assessment Needs

Vic Schantz and Friends

Vic Schantz and Friends

Robert Gundry's Students Perform

Visit with the Easter Bunny

Robert Gundry Guitar Performance

Orrville High School Jazz Band

Orrville High School Jazz Band

Understanding Exercise is Medicine, Can Improve Your Health


Crafting with Ann and Carol

Getting Paid to Talk CLASS FULL

Female Self-Protection

March Madness Scrabble Tournament

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate

Geology of Lake Erie Islands and Shoreline

Love Your Heart - CANCELLED

Adult/Pediatric First Aid and AED

The Super Bowl and Beyond- Entertaining with Cheese

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