Facility Policies

Heartland Point is the physical location for the activities of the Heartland Education Community, Inc., and serves as a community connecting place in downtown Orrville. We hope that everyone who visits enjoys their time spent with us. To that end, we have policies in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all.

General Rules

  • No weapons of any kind, either concealed or in plain view, are permitted on the property or in the building, unless the owner is a law enforcement officer
  • No illegal activities are permitted
  • No loud or boisterous behavior
  • No conversation that is disturbing to others
  • No profanity or other abusive language
  • No abuse of Heartland Point furniture, equipment or materials
  • No running in the facility
  • No harassing others, either verbally or through actions. Harassment may include, but is not limited to, initiating unwanted conversations; impeding access to the building; or other actions perceived to be hostile, threatening or offensive.
  • No fighting on Heartland property
  • No tobacco use in any form is allowed while on the property
  • No possession, sale or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances is allowed on Heartland property
  • No buying, selling, or soliciting for personal or commercial gain without prior approval by Heartland Steering Committee
  • No use of radios, laptops, cell phones, tablets or other personal listening devices at a level that can be heard by others
  • No skateboarding anywhere on Heartland property
  • No animals other than guide dogs are allowed in the facility.
  • All individuals must wear shirts and shoes. Attire should be appropriate for a family-centered facility.
  • No use of emergency exit except during an emergency

Any individual who repeatedly violates the following rules shall be denied the privilege of access to Heartland Point by the Heartland Steering Committee, on the recommendation of the Heartland Point Manager. In the case of an emergency, the Manager may take immediate action and inform the Steering Committee as soon as possible afterward. Any individual whose privileges have been denied may have the decision reviewed by the Heartland Steering Committee.

The Manager is authorized to contact law enforcement authorities concerning individuals who violate these rules. Heartland Point personnel may bring to an individual’s attention any act or omission that violates these rules and detracts from the decorum of the facility. Such an individual will be asked to conform to the rules. If change is not evident immediately, that individual will be asked to leave the property. If he/she refuses to leave, Heartland Point staff will call the police.

Photos and Video

  • Heartland Point personnel may take photos or videos of participants enrolled in programs, classes, activities, and events. These photos are for facility use only and may be used in future brochures, pamphlets, or flyers.

Accident and Injury

  • All accidents or injuries should be reported to the person at the information center or in the back office
  • First aid supplies (ice, bandages, gauze) are available to patrons to be self-administered. An Accident/Injury Form must be completed when providing these supplies. All accidents or injuries requiring assistance by Heartland Point mandate the completion of an Accident/Injury Form.
  • Heartland Point personnel are available to call an ambulance upon request. If the person is unconscious or unable to respond, an ambulance may be called at the discretion of Heartland Point personnel.

Lost and Found

  • Heartland Point is not responsible for lost or stolen items. All found items should be turned in at the information center. All articles, with the exception of valuables (watches, jewelry, wallets, etc.) found in the facility will be placed in the Lost & Found and kept for one month. Valuable items will be kept in the office.

Bulletin Boards

Heartland Point bulletin boards are available for posting information related to educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities and events. The presence of a poster, brochure, flyer or any other notices in the building does not necessarily indicate that Heartland Point either advocates or endorses the viewpoints expressed.The bulletin boards are reserved for nonprofit and/or public services that are of interest to the general public and provide information for the community.

  • All items shall be reviewed by Heartland Point Manager prior to posting to determine compliance with this policy.
  • Materials to be displayed should be delivered to the information center. Designated personnel will post approved materials on the bulletin boards. Any items not posted by facility personnel may be removed.
  • Heartland Point staff will remove materials as they become outdated and will remove items that have been posted for an excessive amount of time. Heartland Point is not responsible for their return.
  • Materials will periodically be rotated and/or discarded
  • Materials may not be posted any earlier than one month prior to the event and will be removed and discarded after the event.
  • No individual item to be displayed shall exceed 18” by 24”.

Meeting Room Policy

The primary purpose of Heartland Point’s meeting rooms is to provide a space for community, business, social service, and educational activities. Wayne County community groups, businesses, service organizations, and sponsors of educational and cultural events are welcome to use the meeting rooms subject to availability and adherence to the guidelines. Meeting rooms are available for private parties at the discretion of Heartland Point management during regularly scheduled operating hours.


  • Smoking, the use of tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. 
  • Weapons are not permitted on the premises. 
  • Storage of personal property, equipment and/or supplies is not permitted. 
  • No electrical appliances are allowed without prior approval. 
  • Charging admission or selling merchandise or food is prohibited. 
  • No outside food/drinks are permitted into the facility. On-site catering is available. 
  • Any materials containing advertising must first be approved before distribution. 
  • Accidental spills and stains should be reported to Heartland Point personnel immediately. 
  • To avoid injuries and damage to the furniture, do not sit on Community Room tables or stand on chairs.
  • Renting organizations are expected to return the room to the condition in which they found it, including, but not limited to: removing trash from tables and depositing it in available trash cans, removing dishes from tables and depositing them into containers supplied for this purpose, and powering down audio/visual equipment. Questions concerning these procedures should be addressed to Heartland Point staff.
  • The renting organization is financially responsible for any damages incurred during its rental period.
  • Heartland Point reserves the right to deny use of the meeting rooms to any organizations or individuals who have abused their privileges in the past. Heartland Point also reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any meeting or to limit frequency of use by a single group.
  • The use of the meeting room by a group does not imply endorsement by Heartland Point of the policies or purposes of the group. Meeting room use should not be publicized in such a way as to imply Heartland Point sponsorship. The Heartland Educational Community, Inc., and Heartland Point do not assume any liability for groups or for individuals attending any meeting or program at Heartland Point.

Unattended Minors

Parents or guardians are responsible for the care and behavior of minor children while at Heartland Point. While a visit to Heartland Point should be enjoyable, the staff and volunteers cannot be responsible for the security and safety of unattended children in the building. The following procedures will be used by Heartland Point in dealing with minor children left in the building without a parent or guardian present.

  • Heartland Point personnel will attempt to contact a parent or guardian.
  • If unable to reach a parent or guardian, the Orrville Police Department will be contacted. Minor may be transported by the officer to the Police Department until the parent or guardian can be located. No Heartland Point personnel will transport any minor in their personal car.

Please contact Sarah McIlvaine Meenan, Heartland Point manager, at 330-682-0200 if you have any questions concerning these policies or other issues not addressed here.