Meet the Artist: Shirley

Heartland Point is excited to welcome local photographer Shirley Weyrauch as the next artist exhibit at Heartland Point. Shirley’s are available to view at Heartland Point through the end of April on the main and lower levels. Shirley will be hosting a Meet the Artist Reception at Heartland Point on Thursday, April 20 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. the public and friends are welcome to attend. 

Shirley Weyrauch started her photography journey in college, when she bought her first SLR camera and took a photography class as a way to escape the pharmacy and science buildings. She’s been happily snapping away ever since. That one college class was the only formal training she’d had, but recent attendance at seminars and workshops has helped her hone her craft. When asked for her favorite subject matter or type of photography, she can’t name one. She considers herself a contemplative photographer - looking for the beauty in everyday things, considering the interplay of light and shadows, and discovering pictures everywhere she goes. She’s been known to stop her car or even turn around and go back to get a shot of something that catches her eye. When there’s not enough time to stop, then the image is committed to “soul film,” as one of her mentors is fond of saying. “When I’m traveling, I’m a travel photographer. When I’m at home, I focus on the birds, flowers and animals in my yard and neighborhood. I’m endlessly fascinated by the sky. I love taking candid pictures of my friends and family, catching the emotion in unguarded moments. I attend their games and events and take pictures of that. You’ll rarely see me without a camera.” She has also taken hundreds of pictures of events at Christ Church in her role as the Christian Education Coordinator. Although she has entered several photos in the Wayne County fair and participated in the exhibit at Wayne College celebrating Orrville’s anniversary, this is her first solo show. This is also the first opportunity the public has had to purchase her works. All purchase inquiries should be made at the Heartland Point information desk. 

Class Schedule: 
Thursday, April 20, 2017 -
5:30pm to 7:30pm