Character Word for July- Patriotism

Heartland Newsletter

The Heartland Character Education Committee worked with the Institute for Global Ethics (IGE) to conduct a series of ethics seminars to determine the community’s “shared values.” There were three parts to the seminars: moral awareness, development of shared values, and tools to analyze and resolve ethical dilemmas. 

More than 25 seminars were held with over 300 community members attending. Participants were asked to think about which ethical character traits, if hypothetically posted above the door of the school, they would like to see students and educators model. The nine traits mentioned most often during the seminars became the “Character Words of the Month” for our community. 

Initially, nine words were chosen for the nine months when students are in school. As the “Word of the Month” program gained momentum, words were selected for the summer months, too. Good character is a year-round commitment in all areas of life.