OrrViews Community News

OrrViews is the free, bi-weekly paper of the Orrville community. It is a communications initiative of the Heartland Education Community Inc. and is a nonprofit organization. As such, it operates without advertising, on a budget composed entirely of sponsorship donations.

News articles are written by representatives of area businesses and organizations as well as individuals with events and milestones to share. Journalism experience is appreciated but not required.

The OrrViews mission is to continue to publish and distribute OrrViews, which will communicate information about the Orrville community to and from the people of the Orrville City School District and create an archive to preserve our local history.

One part-time general manager, two layout and design consultants, and countless volunteers make it possible for publication of more than 3,600 copies of OrrViews every other week.

OrrViews archive has been updated! You now have access to all past issues of OrrViews.