The Community Room

Chair Yoga


Chair yoga is a gentle flow that uses a chair to help build balance, flexibility, and strength. It is a gently-paced class that allows you to mindfully learn alignment and proper form without moving up and down from the floor. Ruth Graham is a 200-hour certified instructor who enjoys challenging her students, as well as leading them in restorative yoga flows that link breath with movement. Students are encouraged to attend all four sessions at a discounted rate, but individual sessions can also be purchased.

$45 for four sessions or $12 per individual class.

Optimizing Productive Relationships


Developing productive relationships is essential to succeeding in today’s world. Productive relationships are built on respect, communication, and awareness, all of which help individuals and teams meet goals and foster a positive team environment. This class will provide a relatively simple tool for creating and maintaining positive feelings while interacting with others. It combines awareness and methodology with the construction of ideas for immediate application and fast results.

All-Levels Yoga


Vinyasa yoga is also referred to as flow yoga due to its relaxing, smooth, and flowing sequence of yoga poses. Your breath is the key factor in Vinyasa, as each movement is coordinated with an inhale or an exhale. Harnessing the breath with movement creates endurance in the body and a sense of meditation in the mind. All-level classes are appropriate for beginners through advanced students to practice together. During the class, instructions are offered that are appropriate for where students are in their personal practice.

Valentine's Day Flowers


The winter months can get a little dreary. Add some fresh flowers to lighten things up around Valentine’s Day or give this bouquet to a special someone. Tom Poulson, owner of The Bouquet Shop, will walk you through the floral arranging process to make a beautiful with tips and tricks you can use all year round. Each participant leaves with a wonderful arrangement.